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COVID 19 highlights the urgency for infrastructure changes

Many will be aware of the ever evolving plans for infrastructure changes around the town. With the life changes being made as a direct result of the Coronavirus, never before have changes been more urgent to allow safe travel for pedestrians and cyclists. So, please see the following documents highlighting forthcoming ‘point closures’ and a more detailed ‘town centre transport plan’.

Town Centre Transport Plan

Point Closures

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  1. Marguerita Morton says:

    There are two schemes approved by KCC which will go ahead in terms of point closures that will directly affect us. Reynolds Lane is to be closed to through traffic but KCC have not allocated funds for a barrier or “modal filter” on the route, just signs prohibiting entry save for access, therefore, we have protested that this is not sufficient to stop through traffic.

    Secondly, they have approved plans to make the A26 cycle route continuous with light infrastructure, but again we wait to see what actual barriers they will install to separate the cycle path from traffic. In addition, we asked for the parking spaces on St. John’s Road at the Beltring Road junction to be removed. Up to now, this has been refused.

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