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Message from the Chair

Dear Resident

I just wanted to write to you during this time of lockdown and advise what is happening at the Council. TWBC have identified “shielded” residents who need to stay home and do not have family or friends nearby who can help.   TWBC are standing by to support because the scheme will be fully operational for a few weeks and even when operational, it is possible that some deliveries will be missed. We will also be ready to help where existing NHS mechanisms to deliver prescription medicines can no longer be delivered. This week we have more stable arrangements in place including a seven-day-a-week contact centre and an established set of process maps. We are also looking to get the data we need to identify other vulnerable or isolated people and to contact them, including those defined as being vulnerable (people over 70, who are pregnant or who receive an annual flu jab for medical reasons or for any other reason) or who are isolated because they are displaying symptoms of Covid-19.

TWBC also received the data on the ‘shielded’ population in Tunbridge Wells and have been contacting those who have said they don’t have other sources of support. In the main, very few have required food but we have been helping deal with other issues or general anxiety.. For this weekend (4/5th April)  the usual out of hours contact arrangements will be in place and we have staff in the Assembly Hall ready to deliver food and household essentials to those who need it.

We continue to work closely with other agencies and voluntary organisations including Nourish and Age Concern. We will also be doing more to connect those who want to volunteer and those who want help now that the government has issued its guidance. Information on all of this is available on our website: www.tunbridgewells.gov.uk/find-and-contact-us/coronavirus/volunteering

These are some websites that may be of interest to you

For information specific to local government:

MHCLG: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-guidance-for-local-government

LGA: https://www.local.gov.uk/coronavirus-information-councils/covid-19-useful-information

For information on support to local businesses:


For information on Council services:


I thought it might also be useful to remind you about the LGA guidance for councillors: https://www.local.gov.uk/covid-19-outbreak-councillor-guidance

Specifically, we have closed Council-owned premises apart from the Gateway including the Camden Centre, TN2 and Wesley Centre; we have suspended bulky waste collections and the civic amenity vehicle; and we have closed play areas but kept parks open. For full details of Council services, please use the website: http://www.tunbridgewells.gov.uk/find-and-contact-us/coronavirus/what-is-the-council-doing. We have made some changes to services to help businesses including planning, parking and food hygiene inspection – these are outlined below (under ‘Business and Community Impact’).

Hope that helps.  Stay safe and stay home!


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