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Dear Residents

New Local Plan 2016-2036

The new Local Plan has been been published for public consultation on 20th September. You will have also have seen a notice of it in iLocal the Council’s own magazine delivered to every household. If you have not received it yet, please let me know or call the council offices.

The exhibition will be taking place in various locations from 21st September up to 1st October. The one nearest to us will be held at Royal Victoria Place Shopping Centre (exhibition space on level 1) on Thursday 26th September from 12pm – 7 pm.

In addition, one of our residents has organised a meeting with local residents on Thursday 3rd October at the Masonic Hall, arrival time 7:45pm and starting at 8pm. This has been organised to oppose the development plan for Cadogan Fields. The Council want to develop this land and to move the sports facilities out to Hawkenbury.

There will be a chance to ask other questions about the Local Plan. Please let me know if you want to come along on 01892 522756 or 07715 695169.

Waste Collection

The new waste collection will start week beginning 30th September. Some of you should have received your black bin by now if you have ordered one.

Our first new collection should start on Friday 4th October with:

Brown bin

Green box

Food waste bin (every week)

Small household batteries, including watch batteries

On the second Friday 11th October the waste collection service will pick up:

Green refuse bin

Black garden waste bin

Food waste bin (every week)

Small carrier bag for textiles

Small carrier bag for electrical goods like toasters, hair dryers, kettles, irons, electrical leads and chargers

Any problems with the collection should be reported to the Depot at North Farm Lane, Tunbridge Wells through the Tunbridge Wells Borough Council’s main switchboard 01892 526121.

Cllr. Marguerita Morton


Cllr. Pete Lidstone


Cllr. Mark Ellis


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  1. Admin Admin says:

    Please check on the TWBC website as different roads may have different days;


    After the 30th September, the St Johns Road (Southborough end) will actually have their first recycling collection on WEDNESDAY 2nd October (brown recycling bin, green paper box, food waste bin & batteries). Then the following WEDNESDAY, 9th October, will be normal refuse (green refuse bin, food waste bin, textiles and small electrical).

    Then going forward it will alternate (recycling/refuse) every Wednesday.


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